This is just rudimentary information about the apartment for rent, we are happy to add more (email Brooklyn):

General/Location: This is the 2-bedroom (one large, one small, full bath, no laundry or dishwasher) apartment at the top of a 3 story (plus parlor) brownstone on a historic Landmark block in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn.
It is one half block from subway and park, but private enough that we generally sit in the yard most evenings.

Images: These photos are generally from 2 years ago between tenants when family was there for the summer before painting (so these are more “furniture on the floor” shots), but you’ll get the idea. We will follow with some new ones.

The lease is $2800/mo., generally 1 or 2 years. We cover heat, water, sanitation, renter is responsible for gas and electric. There is one tenant below and we are in the parlor floors.

Currently we are not using a realtor and thus there is no fee other than a credit check, but shortly we likely would need to go to one, Let us know any additional information we can provide.